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Whatsapp Blaster Android

Aplikasi ini direka khusus untuk anda yang ingin hantar mesej pukal kepada prospek hanya melalui Android phone sahaja tanpa perlu apa-apa software tambahan lain atau tanpa perlu scan Whatsapp web. Ianya 100% guna mobile phone sahaja!

Whatsapp Blaster Desktop

Software ini sesuai untuk mereka yang ingin hantar mesej pukal kepada prospek melalui komputer sama ada Desktop atau Laptop. Software ini mudah untuk digunakan dan direka khusus untuk tujuan blasting tanpa ada setting yang merumitkan.

Google Leads Extractor

The tool extract emails or phone numbers from any website such as from Facebook, Instagram, forum etc base on keyword by using Google Search engine. You can extract targeted leads, save them in lists and convert them into customers by sending them a personal email, whatsapp message, sms message or make a phone call.

Marketing Tools Lain

Whatsapp Chrome Extractor

Chrome Extension untuk Extract semua contacts dari Whatsapp (Chat list, Contact list, Group list, Broadcast list, Archieved list, Label list)

Whatsapp Extractor Desktop

Aplikasi Desktop untuk Extract semua contacts dari Whatsapp (Chat list, Contact list, Group list, Broadcast list, Archieved list, Label list)

Facebook AutoPost Group

Ingin post iklan anda ke FB Group dengah mudah? Gunakan sistem AutoFB untuk autopost iklan anda ke group-group FB secara konsisten dengan mudah.

Facebook Blaster Message

Perlukan tools yang boleh follow up semua prospek yang pernah komen atau mesej di FB Page anda? AUTOPM BLASTER boleh blast mesej ke semua prospek secara automatik

Liker Converter

Invite post Liker to Like your page


Auto Reply Comments, Auto Like Comments, Auto Reply Messages/Chats, Auto Broadcast Messages, Auto Follow-up Messages, Auto Import Existing Leads, Leads Reengagement, Live Analytics & Statistics, Automated Leads Capture, Leads Database Manager, Leads Funnel and Segmentation, Mail Marketing Autoresponder, Built In Optin Messenger, Messenger Menu Builder, Ecommerce Integration, Live Chat 24/7 Anytime... and many more!

Email Checker

Remove fake, invalid and unused email addresses.

Social Media Manager

Schedule posts, build content calendars and get analytics reports for 10 networks - all in a single social media management dashboard.

Link Shortener Manager

A short link is a powerful marketing tool.

Keyword Suggest Extractor

Google suggested keywords are those keywords which people actually search on Google. You can use such keywords in your article to rank high on Google. It is specially made to extract thousands of useful keywords from Google Suggest in a split of second.

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